Book Your Halloween Design Sessions Now!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. On this holiday, my clients come to visit for fairy-tale creations-it’s an opportunity to gather all of my inspiration to design your perfect escape from the everyday look.

Ready to transform? Whether it’s a vampire bite on the neck, peacock eyelashes or wild Medusa-esque hair, I’m ready to rock!

Book your appointment now, I’m filling up fast!

2 Responses to “Book Your Halloween Design Sessions Now!”
  1. Gail Snider says:

    Awesome! If I wasn’t 2000 miles away, I’d be there!! I’ve seen the majic that Erin can do with makeup.

  2. Starr Manafort says:

    Erin does great Halloween make-up! She did me and my boyfriend for Halloween and it came out amazing! I was a Circus Ringleader and my boyfriend was “death” and we got compliments all night long on how original and awesome our make-up was! If you are looking to vamp up your Halloween look Erin Nicole is the girl you’re looking for!

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