Live The Look!

Jen came in for some “Spring Cleaning” … Here’s what we did to create the look! started off with a wash & rejuvenating conditioning treatment a tiny snip here and there (no more than a mere trim) relaxing blow dry* & flat iron* … and voila! Special products used to create this look that you … Continue reading

Introducing “Live The Look”

Ever looked on a website and found the most awesome hair only to have no clue how to describe it to your hair stylist later? We’re going to tell you all about how we create our look so you can “live the look” that you see. We want all of our creations at Natchurale to … Continue reading

Live The Natchurale Experience!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a fun and relaxing holiday season. With the new year comes new personal goals that spell a healthier, more rejuvenated you! Sit down with Erin to refresh and renew a look you can live… the one that makes you feel like you! Ask Erin about her new … Continue reading

Get Your Holiday Hair & Makeup Today!

Ready for a red hot holiday look?! Ready to dazzle your special someone! Come down to see Erin for H O L I D A Y H A I R and M A K E U P today! Have your hair straightened, curled, waved, glittered, high lighted, smoothed… See Erin today to get all jazzed … Continue reading

Book Your Halloween Design Sessions Now!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. On this holiday, my clients come to visit for fairy-tale creations-it’s an opportunity to gather all of my inspiration to design your perfect escape from the everyday look. Ready to transform? Whether it’s a vampire bite on the neck, peacock eyelashes or wild Medusa-esque hair, I’m ready to … Continue reading

Feathering Along

Like a little color, a spot or a stripe, yet don’t want to commit to a permanent, full color change right now? You’ve got to let Erin feather your hair! Unlike all the other “feather-heads” out there, Erin captures a whimsical, yet smart look you can wear to the party or work every day! Inspired … Continue reading

Live Your Look

I love getting a coffee, grabbing my camera and walking around town to see the beautiful San Diego sights. Drawn to the natural seascape, the pink and green dotted hillside and all of the exotic colors that abound, I start clicking away to save as inspiration for the salon! The next time you’re out, click … Continue reading

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