Hair Raves!

Michelle M. – Hello my name is Michelle. I am OCHD. I have obsessive-compulsive hair disorder. I need to have my hair shaped every six weeks. Sometimes more often. If I ever need a bang trim in between appointments or a pickup in my color, Erin always fits me in. She rocks as a stylist and deals with my neurotic love-hate relationship with my thick hair with a smile. Love her. I will follow her anywhere.

Angela – I was out for my 30th birthday in PB when I spotted a whole crew of girls who all had FABULOUS hair! New to the area, I had been searching for a new stylist & took the opportunity to ask them who they were going to. That’s how I found the funky, fresh & fab Erin! Not only did she instill in my the courage to change my look (hello-BANGS!), but she found for me the most perfect shade of rich, glorious brown that I had searched for my entire adult life (or at least since my first gray 😉 She also turned me on to great products to keep my mane healthy & shiny at home. My hair has never been prettier! Thank you Erin!

Manuel J. Pacheco – Erin has been my exclusive hair stylist for the past 4 years or so. I’ve traveled up to 35 miles each way to have her cut and style my hair. I don’t remember how I found her, but I’m so glad I did! One of the things that impress me about her is that she LISTENS to what I want done with my hair. She has taken the time to get to know me and my likes/dislikes. Hence, she always gives me exactly what I’m looking for! She’s friendly, outgoing and always has something to talk about. An appointment with her is like a date with a good friend. I will keep going to her until one of us (permanently) moves out of California!

Amber – I have curly hair and prior to going to Erin, had a hard time finding a stylist that understands how to work with curly hair. Many of the stylists I went to didn’t have the knowledge or experience of working with curly hair. Most that I had initially trusted, tried to shape my hair into styles that didn’t work or last and made my head look awkward when the hair would grow out. Erin has experience of working with curly hair (& other textures) and took the time to listen to me explain the look I was striving for. She assisted me in growing out my hair to a long length, gave suggestions and currently helps me maintain a style I was looking for. Good service, cut, treatment and experience!

Heather – Erin has been cutting my hair for the past 3 years. Over the years, she did my hair and makeup on my wedding day as well as donated my hair to Locks of Love. Erin is not only my hair stylist but also a friend. It is nice to see her every couple of months to catch up. She is a pleasure to talk to and work with. She is very professional and outgoing. She listens to what you have to say and provides suggestions to help you look your best. I feel very lucky to have found Erin as my hairstylist!

Kathy – Erin has been doing my hair since I moved to California 3 years ago. She’s been doing both of my daughers’ hair for more than 6 years. We just love her; she’s great! She’s done our hair and makeup for our weddings. She’s kept my hair healthy as I’ve gone from red to blonde and back to red again. If you’re a big chicken about finding a stylist like I am, call Erin.

One Response to “Hair Raves!”
  1. Sheena Damo says:

    Thanks again Erin for being freakin’ awesome at what you do!! I loved my new haircut as soon as I got up out of your chair. But, I have to tell you that I have been told by virtually everyone I come into contact with that they LOVE my hair! From tables I wait on, random people at the gym (when it’s not even styled!), and complete strangers off the street have stopped to compliment me. My cheeks hurt from being so flattered all the time!

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