Ask Me a Question!

However quirky, odd or unusual you think your question may be, I insist you ask! I love questions! Together we can learn about how hair grows, how often you should want to get your hair cut, if a hair masque is the right choice for you, whether or not your hair would look great purple and so much more! Find me here and start asking away today to be featured in my upcoming blog column, Ask Erin!

3 Responses to “Ask Me a Question!”
  1. Rusty Eulenfeld says:

    your dad said you want some photos for your website. I would love to do those for you when you’re in town. Please give me some ideas of what you want — professional woman, casual, artistic, head shot, bust, etc, can you point me to some examples.

  2. Courtney Benson says:

    HI Erin-

    I saw your salon when I went there for a massage in the building a few months ago and took one of your cards because you had done such a good job on someone’s hair color! I am looking for a new hair stylist because I do not like the one I am going to currently. I have blonde hair, platinum, and want to add some brown or low lights in it, and am thinking to cut some of my hair off (it’s a little less than half way down my back now). I wanted to see how much you would charge for this? Can’t wait to hear from you!

    Courtney Benson

  3. Nicole Ahlgren says:


    Same question that Courtney Benson asked. I have medium length blond hair with high lights and low lights. How much do you charge for a partial?

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